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The perfect longline setup

The Bite Kayak Longline Set is essential for kayaking and small boat enthusiasts. The set contains 2 6" plastic floats with clips, 1 hand reel with 220lb crimped backbone, 2 anchors, 1 trace board with full-length traces and 13 flashers. This compact set fits perfectly on your kayak.

The backbone is 32m long, with 30 crimps spaced at 1m spacing. This allows for 15 traces to be set at every second set of crimps. Avoid placing the traces at every set of crimps as this will create an ugly tangle. There is a large crimped loop at both ends of the backbone, which is where your anchors are deployed. A rope is also attached at this loop which goes to your buoys. This longline is short enough to be manageable by a small craft, where the more conventional ones hold 25 hooks and are generally 100 in length.


  • Trace length: approx 20cm
  • 2 x 6" floats with clips
  • 1 x Hand reel with 220lb crimped backbone
  • 2 x Anchors
  • 1 x Trace board with 13 flashers
  • 30 crimps at 1m space
  • Each dropper from float to anchor is at 30m