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Keep your tackle protected!

CRC Tackleguard is specifically formulated to keep fishing tackle safe from corrosion. It cleans, lubricates, drives out moisture, prevents corrosion and protects tackle even through periods of storage. A light spray once a day during fishing is recommended. At the end of the season or earlier if heavy use or continuous exposure to the elements occurs reels should be taken apart, cleaned and lubricated then liberally sprayed with CRC Tackleguard.

Protects all metal reel parts, terminal tackle, rod guides and knives from corrosion. Will not damage monofilament, EVA Grips, seals, nylons, rubbers, etc. Penetrates and drives out moisture leaving a long-lasting film that will not dry out. Designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.


  • Fights corrosion
  • Lubricates
  • Nylon and mono fishing line safe formula
  • Small can size - Fits tackle boxes and small storage areas
  • Size: 130ml (100g)