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What is Fishbites?

Fishbites is the synthetic alternative to natural cut bait giving you all the advantages of Mother Nature - and then some. Fishbites are made of a concentrated formula that replicates natural feeding stimulants and creates a powerful scent trail, so you'll catch more fish. The convenience and versatility of Fishbites are adding a whole new fun and exciting element to fishing! Get ready to Set the hook! with Fishbites... the scent that melts in the water, not on your hands!

Longer Lasting Formula

  • High durability for surf fishing or deep dropping offshore
  • Lasts longer in strong currents or slow trolling 
  • Highly resistant to bait stealers
  • Great bait for kids to use 


  • Cut bait to desired length with sharp scissors
  • For best results, keep bag sealed and bait dry until used
  • Do not attempt to remove inner binding mesh from hook with your teeth! Use scissors or a knife, or simply slide mesh up hook shank and put on another piece of Fishbites.

We are also a wholesale supplier and distributer of Fishbites to other retailers in New Zealand.