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The wonder saltwater bait

Fishbites's unique design ensures they will stay on the hook, no matter the conditions. Boasting exceptional reliability, these all-around saltwater baits are a must-have for beach, pier, and bridge anglers. No need to worry about replacing or switching baits - just cast out again and keep the fish biting. Fishbites are the perfect bait on your hook whether you are fishing from shore, off a pier or bridge, or even from a boat out in the deep blue sea. Discover why so many anglers trust Fishbites to be their go-to bait - try it today and see for yourself!


  • Cut bait to desired length with sharp scissors
  • For best results, keep bag sealed and bait dry until used
  • Do not attempt to remove inner binding mesh from hook with your teeth! Use scissors or a knife, or simply slide mesh up hook shank and put on another piece of Fishbites.


  • Inner mesh provides extra durability
  • Perfect bait for surf fishing or deep dropping offshore
  • Great bait for kids to use
  • Add instant flavour/scent to any hard or soft bait
  • 2 baits per pack
  • Weight: 60g