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Sea Harvester Longline Hooks made in Korea are specifically designed for longline fishing applications.


  • The hooks are made from high carbon steel.
  • High carbon steel is known for its strength, durability, and resistance to bending or breaking under pressure.
  • This material choice ensures the hooks can handle the demands of longline fishing.

Duratin Coating:

  • The hooks are coated with a Duratin coating.
  • Duratin is a corrosion-resistant coating applied to the hooks, providing protection against rust and extending their lifespan.
  • This coating helps to maintain the hooks' performance in saltwater environments and enhances their durability.

Available Sizes:

  • The Sea Harvester Longline Hooks are available in various sizes, including 18r, 20r, and 22r.
  • The "r" in the size designation indicates that these hooks are regular (non-offset) hooks.
  • The size selection allows you to choose the appropriate hook size based on your target species and fishing requirements.


  • Longline fishing is a commercial fishing technique that involves deploying a long fishing line, often with multiple baited hooks attached at regular intervals.
  • Sea Harvester Longline Hooks are designed for this purpose, providing reliable hooking performance and durability when targeting various fish species.
  • Longline fishing is commonly used to catch species such as Snapper , Kahawhai , Gurnard and other deep-sea or pelagic fish.
  • The high carbon steel construction and Duratin coating of Sea Harvester Longline Hooks make them suitable for withstanding the harsh conditions of longline fishing and the challenges posed by powerful fish.

Please note that fishing regulations and practices can vary, so it's important to comply with local fishing regulations and use appropriate gear for the target species and fishing method.